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Students engaged in our Level 1 Scorers course held in January 2014.

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Officials training in 2017/18

Following both changes to the Laws of Cricket (in October 2017) and a refresh of the ECB ACO courses, the Surrey Association of Cricket Officials is currently finalising plans for training starting in January 2018. For more details please see the Surrey ACO website

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Umpiring & scoring in the news

13 March 2015
Peter Willey and George Sharp lose their employment tribunal against the ECB, reports the BBC website.

5 February 2015
Further coverage of the employment tribunal case brought by Peter Willey and George Sharp against the ECB, from Ivo Tennant writing for the Cricinfo website.

4 February 2015
Peter Willey and George Sharp are claiming unfair dismissal after they were dropped from the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) first-class umpire list. Read more about it on the BBC website. Meanwhile, the MCC report that they will be monitoring the performance of bats at the World Cup hinting that a change in Law 6 may be on its way. For more details see this report on the MCC website.

5 January 2015
Sheila Hill, who has played a vital role in shaping the Laws of Cricket and training umpires for more than 25 years has retired from MCC's Laws sub-committee. For more details see the MCC website.

30 November 2014
Action is unlikely to be taken to restrict bouncers despite the death of Phillip Hughes, according to David Richardson, the chief executive of the International Cricket Council, reports the BBC website.

29 November 2014
In the wake of the recent tragedy concerning Phillip Hughes, Israeli umpire Hillel Awasker is reported to have been killed when a ball struck his head, according to the Cricinfo website.

14 November 2014
Discussions between the on-field and television umpires will be aired during Australia's upcoming one-day series against South Africa, reports the BBC website.

23 October 2014
The ICC has asked match officials to use their discretion to decide if the pause in a bowler's run up should be considered "unfair play" under Law 42.2. This is a clarification in the latest, and unpublished, match officials almanac, writes Sidharth Monga on the Cricinfo website. For more news articles about umpiring and scoring, please view our news page.

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